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Chairman and CEO of Renault, Chairman and CEO of IDRO (Industrial Development & Renovation Organization), President of Iran Khodro and President of Saipa, signed on March 16, 2004 (16/12/1382) the documents permitting the creation of Renault Pars, a joint venture company which coordinates cooperation between Renault and the two major Iranian car manufacturer.


RENAULT PARS No.40,Fallah Zadeh Blvd (Hamila), Pounak Sq.,Tehran,Iran

Tel: 021 44479657-9



Our partners

Automotive Industry Development Company was settled in 2003. Its main activities consist on increasing the capacity of auto industries based on update technology and setting up a strategic alliance between Iran auto makers.


Iran Khodro was founded on 18 august, 1962 (27/5/1341). It is the largest vehicle manufacturer company in Iran having a share of 60 percent of domestic vehicle production. In 2003/2004 (1382), Iran Khodro produced around 440.000 Passengers cars and Light Commercial Vehicles.


Saipa has begun manufacturing vehicles in 1966. In 2003/2004 (1382), 280.000 Passengers cars and Light Commercial Vehicles were produced by Saipa and its subsidiary Pars Khodro. 75% of this volume was realised by the Pride family.


Pars Khodro
Pars Khodro Company was established and starting operating in the year 1956 as a manufacturing and trading company, in the field of assembling and production of jeep automobiles and from that perioed upto the present, has succeeded in manufacturing passenger and 4 – wheel drive vehicles in the country.